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Hello Acorn Class!


If you are a parent or carer and need to talk to me please do email me at acorn@jennyhammond.waltham.sch.uk. 




Bug Club

Bug club is like an online library of book that you can access. I can see what books you are reading on bug club, and how much of the book you have read. You can even use the website to listen to the books read aloud! 

The bug club website can be accessed here: https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/start or you can click on the button in the online learning section of the website.

Click  Log in and this box will appear.

Type in your username, password and the school code: cq3m

Happy reading!


Practice your phonic sounds.  Its important to practice your phonic sounds every day. 

Phonics Resources


Reading Resources