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Maths games to play online – set up a parent account.




Student ID: jhpstudent




Enter the code for your lesson, type your name and off you go!




When visiting the website, click "Login" from the top-right of
the page and select Espresso to enter these credentials:

Username: student36445
Password: jhp123


PE with Joe


Joe Wicks live PE lessons on You Tube at 9am every day – these can be accessed later on too.


5-a-day TV


Username: 5-a-dayAtHome    

Password: AtHome123



Twinkl Resources for Parents




ActivAll Play


To help keep children active and learning at home, Anomaly UK has released some of its system content for you to stream. All content can be found under the ActivAll Play channel. This engaging content also has fun and child-friendly hygiene tips in between.

Hello Aspen Class!

We hope you are all doing well and not getting too bored at home. We are missing you all so much!

Each day we will update the message above our register and the lessons below it. Please make sure that you read this as it is where we will add any messages or extra instructions!
As well as the lessons that we post, you will need to read for 20 minutes, and complete a 5 A Day routine. An additional challenge for you is to write a book review every week of something you have read.

Have fun!

Good morning Aspen Class! 

Don't forget to send us the work you've been doing at home so that we can put it on our class page and show everyone. It will stay up all over the summer holidays too. Work can be sent by email to jennyhammond.waltham.sch.uk .

Our next and final Zoom meeting of this year will take place on Thursday at 1.3opm. Anyone that wants to take part needs their parent to write an email address in the register below, then I'll send them the link. Let's see how many people we can fit on one screen!

Check out Eamonn and Stanley's Lockdown Song called 'Later Gator' below. We are very impressed that you managed to write it together over Zoom and  the quality of the song. Move over Ed Sheeran!

Have a great day!

Andrew & Gemma

PS. A  message for your adults at home…

 With everyone spending more time online at the moment, you might want to refresh your awareness of online parental controls and guidance. We have received a link to an easily accessible resource hub that does not need any login or registration.  Go to:



Aspen Register

You use this form like a register. You can also write us a message so we can see how you are doing and what you've been up to. If you do this, we might even mention you in the following day's message to the class.

Year 3 Aspen Gallery

Below there is a link to a video that Eadaoin has created about the the caterpillars/butterflies she has been studying at home. If it asks you for a password, it is 'Eadaoin'. We really enjoyed it - Well done Eadaoin!


Home Learning: Tuesday 14th July 2020




Today you are going to do a BBC Bitesize lesson on Pop Art and printing. Click on the link and follow the instructions to complete the lesson. I would love to see some of your artwork that you have created.


Home Learning: Monday 13th July 2020

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