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Welcome to Year 3!

I hope you've had a good first week. 

 Parents/Carers- Please leave as soon as you pick up your child/children. This is to maintain social distance and keep minimal contact time with others.

Note: Spelling tests on Mondays (starting on Monday 27th September) -This week B and C words.


PE -every Monday morning. This half term we're focusing on tennis. Please wear the correct PE kit (plain white t-shirt and plain navy blue shorts or jogging bottoms) and trainers/plimsoles.

Maths -Numbers and place value. We're going to dive deeper into our understanding of numbers and working with numbers up to 1000.

Reading and Writing Journal -every week you will write 1 reading and 1 writing entry in your journal. You will need to bring it in every Tuesday. Please make sure you write at least half a page for each entry.

Spellings -every Tuesday (week A) and Friday (week B) we'll be doing spellings of Common Exception Words for Year 3 and 4. Children have been given the list and told which words they need to learn for the week.

Times tables challenge -every Friday we will continue to do the challenge to make sure they become confident.

Topic -Tomb Raiders



Aspen Timetable

Our new class email!

I know it is hard to speak at the beginning and end the school day so you can send an email which I can reply to. You can also request a parent consultation through the class email.




The emails can also be used to share your child’s work or activities they have done at home. Please be aware that the teachers will not be able to respond to you immediately as they have their teaching commitments where they will not be accessing their emails. Messages for the office should still be sent to school@jennyhammond.waltham.sch.uk

Reading at home!

Below is a leaflet to support your reading at home. Please get in touch if you need support with accessing books.

Other Information

If you want to find out more about the national curriculum by subject, you can find information here:


Useful Links

5-a-day TV

Username: 5-a-dayAtHome
Password: AtHome123



Maths games to play online – set up a parent account.




Student ID: jhpstudent




When visiting the website, click "Login" from the top-right of
the page and select Espresso to enter these credentials:

Username: student36445
Password: jhp123


Hit The Button


Hit The Button is an interactive maths games with quick fire questions on number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving, multiples, division facts are square numbers.