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Vision Statement

Our ambition is for all pupils to become lifelong mathematicians, who can think flexibly, work systematically and approach challenges with a growth mindset. We empower our pupils with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to solve problems both within Maths lessons and in wider contexts. 


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Helpful Links

White Rose Maths Parent Resources

for free guidance and resources aligned with the schemes of learning used in school



1-Minute Maths App

to encourage your child to practise subitising, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division each day



Nrich Primary

to develop your child’s confidence with reasoning and problem solving



5 Tips for Encouraging Real Life Maths

to support your child’s learning in an interactive and meaningful way



Numberblocks at Home


opportunities to explore early mathematical understanding at home, in conjunction with the Numberblocks episodes currently available on the BBC iPlayer


How to Videos


a series of videos designed to help parents better understand how maths is taught in school, and what you can do at home to support the development of your child's number sense



Take a look at our incredible costumes and board games from Number Day 2021!

Parent Workshops

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