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Year 3

Useful Websites

Maths games to play online – set up a parent account.

Student ID: jhpstudent

Enter the code for your lesson, type your name and off you go!

When visiting the website, click "Login" from the top-right of
the page and select Espresso to enter these credentials:
Username: student36445
Password: jhp123

PE with Joe
Joe Wicks live PE lessons on You Tube at 9am every day – these can be accessed later on too.

5-a-day TV
Username: 5-a-dayAtHome
Password: AtHome123

Twinkl Resources for Parents



Language Angels

Online Spanish Games


Click on pupil games area and log in. 

Username: year 3 juniper

Password: jhps123


Hello Juniper Class!

Hope you have not been too bored at home and are enjoying all the online lessons!

As well as the lessons that we post, you will need to read for 20 minutes a day and complete a 5 a day routine. The log in is at the side underneath the picture of the juniper tree. As an extra challenge, you can write a book review once a week about the book you have been reading!



Please enter your name in the class register every day so that we know you have accessed the resources provided.

Juniper Register

Please type your name and write me a message. I would love to hear about what you have been up to!

Home Learning: Friday 3rd April 2020

Hi Juniper,

it’s the last day of Spring term! Well done to all your hard work in the last two weeks and a huge thank you to the parents! You are doing a fantastic job! I have been looking at your LBQ results over the last two weeks and I have been so impressed and proud of all your work. 
Thank you for all your wonderful messages each day and sending me your work. It has put a huge smile on my face. You now have two weeks off for Easter! Enjoy this time as your learning will start again on the 20th of April. 
On the weekend I will be deleting this weeks learning so please save anything that you would like to keep. 
Missing you all! 




Have a go at some of these activities at home to get your body moving!

Home Learning: Thursday 2nd April 2020

Below are the activities from Tuesday if you need them.

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Home Learning: Wednesday 1st April 2020

Below are the activities from Tuesday if you need them.

 01.04.20_Science Challenge.pptxDownload
 1.04.20- Literacy.pptDownload
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Home Learning: Tuesday 31st March 2020

Below are the activities from Tuesday if you need them.

 20.03.31- Literacy.pptDownload
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Home Learning: Monday 30th March 2020

Below are the activities from Monday if you need them.

 20.03.30- Literacy.pptxDownload
 20.03.30- Planning sheet.docxDownload
 20.03.30- Storyboard.docxDownload
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