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Online Safety

Parent Guides


 Parent Digital Resilience Guide.pdfDownload
 Parent guide to App Age Ratings.pdfDownload
 Parent guide to Internet Controls.pdfDownload
 Parent guide to Lootboxes and Skinbetting.pdfDownload
 Parent guide to TV safety.pdfDownload
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App guides

 Parent guide to Minecraft.pdfDownload
 Parent guide to Roblox.pdfDownload
 Parent guide to SnapChat.pdfDownload
 Parent guide to TikTok.pdfDownload
 Parent guide to WhatsApp.pdfDownload
 Parent guide to YouTube Kids.pdfDownload
 Parent guide to YouTube.pdfDownload
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Mental Health

 What parents need to know about Mental Health and Social Media.pdfDownload
 What parents need to know about Screen Addiction.pdfDownload
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Social Pressures

 Social presures linked to Appearance.pdfDownload
 Social presures linked to Friends and Followers.pdfDownload
 Social presures linked to Influencers.pdfDownload
 Social presures linked to Likes.pdfDownload
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Suggested Apps

 Suggested Apps for 7-11 year olds.pdfDownload
 Suggested Apps for Early Years.pdfDownload
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