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Many children often misspell the following words:





                                                               Over the next half term, please practise spelling these words.

If you use them in your writing, check that you have spelt them correctly.



Holly Class proudly presents:
The first 8 minutes of The Tempest by William Shakespeare.
Please click the link below:
Unfortunately, there is currently an issue with Holly’s video where it stops after 8 minutes. We are trying to fix this as the whole thing is recorded. 
For now, please enjoy this preview.


Monday 12th July 2021


Sponsored Events for Water Aid

On Wednesday 14th July 2021, Holly and Sequoia Class took part in our Sponsored Dance and Water Relay Bucket race to raise money for Water Aid. This charity is working very hard to ensure that by the year 2030 everyone, everywhere will have access to clean water, toilets and hygiene.

So far we have raised the fantastic amount of £576.00!

If you have any more sponsor money, please bring it in as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Trip to Wanstead Flats

On Friday 16th July, Holly and Sequoia Class are going on a trip to Wansted Flats to develop the childrens' understanding of maps by mapping out our local area. A letter was sent home last week with all the details.

This is just to remind you that we will be leaving shool at approximately 9.45am and returning at approximately 11.30am.

Children should wear school uniform with appropriate footwear and clothing suitable for the conditions of the day.

Please let us know if you have any queries or concerns.

Thank you

Glass Jar Art Project

Please can every child bring in a clean, empty glass jar for an Art project we are doing on Tuesday 20th July.


Class Party

We are organising a small class party for Wednesday 21st July, so would be very grateful if you could contribute some fruit, crisps and other nibbles.

Parent Consultation Request - Year 1 Holly

If you would like to arrange a telephone consultation with the class teacher to discuss your child's progress, please type your child's name into the box below and click submit. We will then call you at the next available opportunity.

 Book Changing Days

We will be changing the children's reading books on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please make sure your child brings in their book bag on these days if they would like to change their book.

Please note that Core Reading books are sent home to develop your children's pleasure and enjoyment for reading. You can read them with or to your child - or both!

Thank you for all your comments in your children's reading diaries and for encouraging your children to write their own comments.

Your support is very much appreciated!

Holly Class Messages and Information

Hello Holly Class,

A Reminder for you all

Start Time: The gates open from 8.55am- 9.05am.

Children go directly to their classroom without lining up.

Finish Time: 3.20pm

Children to be collected from the Elsham Road entrance.

PE day for Holly Class is Thursday.

Children should wear their PE kit to school every Thursday with plimsolls or trainers.


Please make sure your child brings a labelled water bottle into school every day.

If you haven't sent a photo in for our families display, please do

so now. The display looks lovely and I really would love to see all

our families represented on it.


Please continue to email me at Holly@jennyhammond.waltham.sch.uk

if you have any questions.


Thank you very much for your support!


Power Project - Summer Term 2

This half term our topic is Land and Nature. Below you will find your child's Power Project sheet for our topic along with an explanation sheet all about Power Projects.

Thank you all so much for your support with last term's Power Project. They were amazing and the children really loved sharing them with their class. All your children should have brought home a postcard with my feedback on it about their project. A big well done to everyone!

I hope you all have fun with this term's project. I am looking forward to seeing them already!


Summer 2 Newsletter Land and Nature


Thank you to all those who have been accessing Bug Club.

Bug Club is an online program designed to support the effective and engaging teaching of reading for primary children using high quality online reading books.

If you have not logged in already, please do so as it is a great resource to have. The Bug Club website can be accessed by clicking on the whiteboard image at the top of this page and clicking on the Bug Club button. You then have to type in your Username, Password and School Code.

If you need any help with this or have lost your login details, please let me know

. Thank- you,


Home Learning with the BBC 

The BBC have been supporting our children with their online learning and home schooling  during the national lockdown and will keep delivering a special service for pupils. teachers and parents until the Summer.

Please see the following link for more information:


Other Useful Websites:

Twinkl Resources for Parents


Reading at home!

Below is a leaflet to support your reading at home. Please get in touch if you need support with accessing books. 

Our class timetable

The Black Cat graphemes make phonetic words. Please practise all the Black Cat sounds with your child. It is important that your child knows these sounds as this will help them with their reading and writing.

Here are all the Monster Phonics Graphemes

Common Exception Words or Tricky Words are words which cannot be sounded out easily. Below are the Common Exception Words for Year 1.

If possible, please print out this word mat to support your child's writing activities and spelling revision.

Number Bonds to 10

Number bonds to 10 are pairs of numbers that, when added together, give the number 10. Knowledge of number bonds will help your child with their addition and subtraction tasks. Please help your child to become familiar with their number bonds to 10.

Once your child is secure in their number bonds to 10 then please move on to number bonds to 20. Number bonds to 20 are pairs of numbers that, when added together, give the number 20.

As your child practises their number bonds, they will be able to recall them quickly and out of order. 


Link to Deborah's Newsletters: https://www.jennyhammond.waltham.sch.uk/news/weekly-newsletter 

Click on the link below to see the Curriculum Map for each year group: https://www.jennyhammond.waltham.sch.uk/parents/curriculum/curriculum-maps

If you want to find out more about the National Curriculum by subject, you can find information here: