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Year 2



A joke from Elizabeth

What do you call a cat burrito?

A purr-ito!!

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Good morning Willow class.

Below are your three home learning lessons for today, Tuesday 14th July 2020.  

As ever, please do give each lesson a really good try, but if you find its putting you in your panic zone, then you can do something else instead, such as reading, mental maths (times tables, number bonds), practise your handwriting, something creative or active, or take a look at the BBC Bitesize daily lessons.

Well done for all the work you have been doing; give yourself a huge round of applause!

Don't forget to put your name in the register, even if you aren't sending a message!


Willow message board

Hello Willow class!

I hope you are all well today. 

It sounds like Rym had a really fun and busy weekend, visiting mermaid beach in Folkstone and Wanstead forest!  Elizabeth also went to the seaside and had a fun day floating in the sea, building sandcastles with her sister and finding seashells!  

If you haven't seen it already, take a look at Deborah's latest message on Twitter, which has some useful information in it and also mentions that Leo's mum has been busy writing a book.  It looks fantastic!


take care and enjoy your learning today, 



Don't forget, if there is anything you would like me to add to our class gallery before the summer holiday, email:  school@jennyhammond.waltham.sch.uk 

Hannah would be really grateful if you could fill out these surveys about how you feel about Arts activities at school.

There is one for pupils:


And one for parents:


It should only take 5 minutes.

thank you!

Willow register

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Literacy lesson Tuesday 14th July

Maths lesson Tuesday 14th July

Link for activity to do at the end of the Maths lesson


Topic lesson Tuesday 14th July

Literacy lesson Monday 13th July

Maths lesson Monday 13th July

PSHE lesson Monday 13th July

Monster Phonics training

Dear Parents

We would like to invite you to a free phonics training webinar. This will discuss phonics and show how Monster Phonics works. It will give fun and engaging strategies to improve reading and spelling.

We are aware that many children will need to catch-up after missing time at school. We hope that by sharing the fundamentals of colour-coding combined with multi-sensory activities, we can make greater gains over the coming months.

If you would like to join us, click here to book a free ticket: 


Best wishes



Email info@monsterphonics.com         

Call 0800 211 8052 


Hold Still Photography Exhibition update. 

Hannah has been sent the following email from the National Portrait Gallery.  Fingers crossed one of your entries is chosen!

Dear teachers 

Thank you for entering your pupils’ photographs to Hold Still, a portrait of our nation in 2020. 

We have been impressed and moved by the level of response and the range of images capturing life during lockdown by young people all over the UK. Schools and colleges have participated from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and we have received submissions from children as young as four to young adults of nineteen years old, all speaking of personal experience.

During the next stage of the competition, images will be shortlisted by the Gallery team and then judged by a special panel of judges including Nicholas Cullinan, Director of the National Portrait Gallery and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.

If your students’ images have been selected as one of the final 100 images in the Hold Still online exhibition, you will be notified during the week commencing 13 July 2020. For those short listed images only we will require permission forms for the photographer (under 18) and the person featured in the photograph if they are identifiable. Please find image permission form templates attached.

A big THANK YOU again to you and your students for taking part in the Hold Still 2020 project and sharing your experiences with us.

With best wishes,

the National Portrait Gallery Learning Team

Free kite kits from the Blackhorse workshop!

I wanted to get in touch with you about our new Kit Kite project we are doing for the Waltham Forest Virtual Culture Programme. We are making 500 kit kites to distribute to residents of the borough for free. Each kit will include the materials and instructions needed to make a kite, and there will be online making tutorials to go with it.
We have allocated kits to each section of the borough and so far take up for Leyton has been quite slow. I thought your students, teachers or families may be interested. Here are the sign up and information links:
The kits are free but we are also raising money for mental health charity Mind, but donating is optional.
If the kits do sell out, we will have another batch available soon.  I would be really grateful if you could share this for us.

The View From My Window Art Challenge

We have all spent a lot of time looking out at the world from indoors in these past weeks, haven’t we? As a half-term art challenge, we would love to see what you can see and ask you to create a picture of The View From My Window. It can be any window in your home, it doesn’t have to be exciting, and you can draw, paint, or collage it in any way you wish. This could be a pencil sketch on a piece of paper, a painted picture, or even a collage creation using a shoe box lid. 

To see how other artists have sketched their windows, take a look at, https://theartyteacher.com/drawing-a-view-through-a-window/





Send us a photograph of your creation and we will add it to our new The View From My Window art gallery on the Jenny Hammond website.

E-mail: school@jennyhammond.waltham.sch.uk 

NEW POWer Project - Going for Gold!