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Year 5

We Are Extraordinary

Below you will find:

Life Skills Info, 5 A Day Info, Reading Ideas, Useful Websites (1, 2 , 3 and 4!) Exercise Ideas, Exercise from WF,  Family Home Learning Challenge, 60 Second Activity Challenges, Forest School Ideas and Apps and Mindfulness Ideas.
I have also included a timetable in case you would like it!

(You will need to download the 5 A Day document for our code)

These are ideas that will help you with your home learning!

Example Timetable

Forest School Ideas

Download the documents below to save them

 5 A Day Info.pdfDownload
 Apps and Mindfullness.pdfDownload
 Exercise Ideas.pdfDownload
 Family Home Learning Challenge.pdfDownload
 Forest School Ideas.pdfDownload
 Home Learning Timetable.pdfDownload
 Reading Ideas 2.pdfDownload
 Reading Ideas.pdfDownload
 Useful Websites.pdfDownload
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Download the exercise activities below to view them

 Air Balloon Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Around the World Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Bean Bag Throw Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Climb the Mountain Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Skipping Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Speed Bounce Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Squat Jump Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Step Ups Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Super Slalom Run Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
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Hello Sycamore! 
Below the Sycamore leaves (to the left of our page), you will find some useful documents to help you with your home learning. 
Each day I will update the message above our register and the lessons below it. Please make sure that you read this as it is where I will add any messages or extra instructions!

As well as the lessons that I post, you will need to read for 20 minutes, complete a 5 A Day routine and each week you need to complete a book review of any book that you have read.

Goooood morning Sycamore, it's Saturday 4th April 2020!

And just like that, Spring term is done!

As you can see, I have taken all of the HL lessons from our page so that you can relax during your well deserved holiday! Lessons will be back up on Monday 20th April. However, I have added some new resources below that are filled with websites and activities to help you keep occupied and keep those brains working : ) I have also kept all of the resources to the left of our page - there are sooooo many ideas for you to use.
Below are more Forest School ideas (the scavenger hunt looks perfect for this fab weather!_, some Spring Challenge ideas and another Useful Websites update, (5!!) This one includes a cool website that I found called Now Press Play which looks really fun!

Although I won't be posting lessons and messages every day, I have kept a box below so that you can check in if you would like to (but this is not a register)! I will be updating our page if I find anything good and checking my emails so would love to hear about what you are upto.

There is a new picture in our gallery of Hugo's super Lego staircase - well done! Frida has been working in her mum's studio and I'm quite jealous because it looks lovely and bright and airy haha! Lots of people wished Victoria a happy birthday and wished Clara lots of luck : ) I spoke to lots of you on the phone yesterday and it was lovely to check in and hear that you're all doing well : )

Sending many virtual hugs! Alyson


By Elea!

Man 1: I know a man with a wooden leg named Smith...
Man 2: What's the name of his other leg?

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