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Year 5

We Are Extraordinary

Below you will find:

Environmental activities, Life Skills Info, 5 A Day Info, Reading Ideas, Useful Websites (1, 2 , 3 and 4!) Exercise Ideas, Exercise from WF,  Family Home Learning Challenge, 60 Second Activity Challenges, Forest School Ideas and Apps and Mindfulness Ideas.
I have also included a timetable in case you would like it!

(You will need to download the 5 A Day document for our code)

These are ideas that will help you with your home learning!

Example Timetable

Forest School Ideas

Download the documents below to save them

 5 A Day Info.pdfDownload
 Apps and Mindfullness.pdfDownload
 Exercise Ideas.pdfDownload
 Family Home Learning Challenge.pdfDownload
 Forest School Ideas.pdfDownload
 Home Learning Timetable.pdfDownload
 Reading Ideas 2.pdfDownload
 Reading Ideas.pdfDownload
 Useful Websites.pdfDownload
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Download the exercise activities below to view them

 Air Balloon Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Around the World Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Bean Bag Throw Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Climb the Mountain Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Skipping Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Speed Bounce Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Squat Jump Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Step Ups Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
 Super Slalom Run Challenge.196268613.pdfDownload
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Good morning Sycamore, happy Friday!


Today is 17th July 2020 and Year 5 is done!

We are going to zoom today at 10am, Send me a message in our register box if you would like to join!

Below the message, I have written you all an end of year letter - have a read and let me know in the message box when you have :) 


I know lots of you have been worrying out PGL. Unfortunately, we have had to move it because of the rules about school trips and social distancing...
Fortunately we have a new date already so put it in your diary -

26th March 2021!

Questionnaire for Artsmark
We would like to know how your feel about Arts activities at school. When you have five minutes free after your Home Learning, please click the link and answer the questions as best you can. They will give you a chance to share your ideas and thoughts on our Arts activities so that we can include them in our Artsmark work.
There is also a parents/carers survey, which has gone out on Parent Mail, but it would be helpful if your grown ups could fill it in for us too: 
Have the BEST last day
everyone and make sure you enjoy your summer! This time next year, you will be off to secondary school! :O
I can't wait to see you in September for our Chesnut adventures :)

Goodbye Sycamore, hello Chesnut!!


The day before yesterday I was 21, and next year I will be 24. When is my birthday?

(This one has got lots of you confused - think about the difference between these years.... how could you add 3 years?!)

JOKE OF THE DAY! By Milton! 

What is white and fluffy but a bit scary?

A polar bear!

Sycamore Register

Hi all; this form is for you to register like you are registering in class! Please add your name, your message and then click 'Submit'.

Welcome to 
The Sycamore Gallery!

** You can complete all work in your HS books. Either copy the questions out or just write the answers. You do not need to print anything to complete this work. If I want you to complete the work in a different way, I'll make this clear within the lesson **

Week 7, Summer 2 Timetable

July 2020

Afternoon - Golden Time and TOY DAY!

I have uploaded a last Votes for Schools if you would like something else to do :)

English - Challenge day!
You do not have to do them all, choose which you will find fun but challenging!

Escape room

Activity Booklet


Maths - Challenge day!
You do not have to do them all, choose which you will find fun but challenging!

Code Breaking

Escape Room


Summer booklet


Below are the lessons from the previous days learning!

Below are the lessons from Thursday if you would like them!

Calculate perimeter

Video -https://player.vimeo.com/video/413583070

Below are the lessons from Wednesday if you would like them!

Divide with remainders

Video - 


Below are the lessons from Tuesday if you would like them!

Multiply 4 by 2 digit numbers

Video - https://player.vimeo.com/video/413579403

Below are the lessons from Monday if you would like them!

Multiply 2 digit numbers

Video -