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Year 6

Morning all! We have bitesize today and an invitation! On Friday (your last day!) we'll be having a socially distanced picnic in the playground from 11.30 - 12.30. Please make sure parents know that you will be leaving school half an hour later or that you want to come along for the final hoorah!

Chestnut Register

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When you have a moment please complete this Artsmark survey!



Analysing myths


Activity 3 asks you to draw your own mythical creature - but could you could also write a paragraph that describes this character. 


Final day to submit your memory pages! Please let us know if you have completed one and sent it in on the register. 


Properties of circles and the relationship between the radius and the diameter. 



 Bitesize has a lesson for P.E today that would be good to do if you can.

How do we move?




Read through the guide from Barnardos and have a go at some of the tasks. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to send a note in the register with your name and we'll try to answer your questions asap!

Daily reading! 

Please read for 30 minutes a day, when you have finished a book. Complete the below sheet (if you have printing facilities) or copy it into your book.

We're looking forward to seeing what you are reading!



PS. A message for your adults at home…

With everyone spending more time online at the moment, you might want to refresh your awareness of online parental controls and guidance. We have received a link to an easily accessible resource hub that does not need any login or registration.  Go to:





For those with printing facilities, my friend's school have an abundance of weekly learning resources available if you use the link below:



Click here to download our last POWer Project

Our new POWer Project for this half term is below. 

We will be presenting POWer projects in class and over zoom for those at home. You can create a power point presentation, a model of a an Olympic stadium or simply a spoken presentation. You can make it as interactive and creative as you like! It would be great to see what you have created and how you have interpreted the project. 

A little suggestion we have discussed in class is asking yourself a question about the title and your presentation being how you found the answer.

For example, my question could be:

Which Olympic Stadium is closest to the original stadiums used?

My presentation would be about the original stadiums that were used in the Olympics and what historians or archaeologists have found out about them. Then I would compare this to the modern stadiums we have today. 

We will hopefully be able to go through the presentations these towards the end of the term in the week beginning 6th July.