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Year 6

Happy Friday! Very sad to not be seeing you all at Easter School! I'll be checking my emails over the next two weeks so feel free to write a message in the register sign in if you need anything that I can put on the website. I will put some resources on our page over the weekend for anyone who wants to keep the brain ticking over! Adios!

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P.E with Jo on Youtube - lesson begins at 9am - Adults welcome too! 

LBQ code for Maths:  x1z 

LBQ code for English: sas


By the end of this week, your mission is to have designed your own country - free from pollution, politics and any other things you don't like!

Use the 'Anywhere Island' slides below to help you.

Friday 3rd April - Your final mission: Similar to your Science learning - your task is to create a new species that only lives on your Island - cast your mind back to Fenella's hamster-fish thing. Do something like that using all the scientific language that you can remember... 

Thursday 2nd April - Your mission today: Create your Island rules and laws to control your visitors! Some people just don't listen sometimes but breaking your laws could see them get into big trouble! What might their consequences be I wonder...

Wednesday 1st April - Your mission today: Design a national flag, a national anthem and decide on a national currency. Use the key questions below to guide you through your design process.

Tuesday 31st March - Your mission today: Write a descriptive piece of writing that explains your first impressions when you first step foot on your Island. Look at the key questions below to help you in your writing process.

Monday 30th March - Your mission today: Decide on the location of your new Island using the key questions and resource below to help you.

For those with printing facilities, my friend's school have an abundance of weekly learning resources available if you use the link below: