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Year 6

Summer POWer Project and Newsletter





There has been another incident of inappropriate social media usage within our class.
Please share the below information with your grown ups.

Happy New Year Year 6!

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All of your work is now on Google Classroom. All of our meetings are also through Google Meet from our classroom.

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We have a new date for PGL : 
Friday 21st May until Monday 24th May!

(After SAT's!) 

JHPS Black History Month Art
Take a look at the art work chosen by the JH artists during October... we learnt about the artists and then recreated our chosen works.
How amazing are our children!?!

Iman has written another poem in her own time, I am proud to share with you all, (thank you for letting me share it Iman! I am so proud of your creativity! :) )
See the source image
My mothers perfume 
My mothers perfume 
Prettier than the moon 
I never ever assume  
That the smell will fade from her bedroom 
As I wake up out of the gloom 
I smell my Mothers perfume 
The way she puts it on  
Like spring flowers in bloom 
Drifting and floating across the room 
The scents wrapped me up like a cocoon   
Fragrance reminding me of a blue lagoon  
My beautiful mothers perfume 
By Iman Kambi 
See the source image
See the source image
Dear Adults, 
Our world is becoming toxic every minute 
How are we going to save our planet 
Wasting my breath do you think this is fun 
Of course you laugh because I am young 
You have to understand what I’m trying to alarm 
We can’t wait ‘till tomorrow our world is in harm 
Elderly people being left alone 
Trump writing bad tweets all over his phone 
Individuals on the streets without a home 
Still don’t believe me, search it on chrome  
Black people are still fighting for their rights  
Racism should’ve ended in 1969 
The killing of George Floyd they needed to fight 
We need equal rights, black or white 
Covid 19 is affecting our health  
Boris Johnson, I’m begging you, help 
Global warming has torn me to bits 
Maybe ask Australia they’ll tell you about it 
They’ll tell you about how forests are being burnt down 
Fires spreading all across town 
You know what, the world just gives me a frow
What good are you giving for being a clown   

It’s kid’s all over the world, not just me  
Every kid just wants to be free 
We can do this, we just have to believe 
Kids are suffering from hunger, you can’t just leave 
Dear Adults,  
By 2045, we’re not going to be alive 
I’m going to leave you with one question:  
Do you want to survive?  
See the source image

Reading at home!

Below is a leaflet to support your reading at home. Please get in touch if you need support with accessing books, (as we cannot send home books at the moment). 

More resources:




Year 6 Weekly Timetable

Life Skills Training

During the Spring/Summer term, Year 6 will be taking part in the Barnardo’s LifeSkills training sessions as part of their statutory PSHE lessons in school.

Your child will complete a pre- and post-training questionnaire in order to assess the impact of the lessons. This information is gathered by us in school and passed back to the LifeSkills programme.

Further information is detailed in the following letter, plus a contact should you required further details.