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Year 2

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Good morning everyone. Happy Friday. I hope that you are all ok! Thank you for all of your messages - keep them coming!

Morning messages:

Julie: Ask your mum or dad to help you take a photo of your work and see if you can email it to me. Don't worry if you can't. Bring all your work in when we come back to school.

Lenny: I miss you too!

Peter: Any work that you do can be done in the exercise book that was given out on Tuesday


Cecily. Hope you are doing ok without Queen Arleone! Make sure you are looking after Mum and Dad!


Today's suggested timetable:

  1. Maths and times tables practice
  2. Literacy
  3. Run around!
  4. Singing practice 
  5. Read 10 books!


Remember - All the children will need to return back to school on Monday 7th December at 8.55am.

On this page you will find daily activities for the children to complete as best they can. Please email me any work that the children have completed and of course email me any questions you might have. 


Singing Practice

All classes will soon start practising their end of year song and here is a link to the Rowan song to start learning today:


I wonder if anyone knows where they have heard it before...

I have added the lyrics at the bottom of our class page too if the link does not work. I appreciate this might be ambitious but I have every confidence in my army of Snowpeople!

Maths Zone

Friday 27th November

For our last day of learning about money, here are your learning activities: 





Problem Solving tasks (see below)


 Money Madness tasks (see below)

Thursday 26th November

Wednesday 25th November

Times table practice - The class are loving practising their 3 and 4 times table using this game/app.


Literacy Zone

Friday 27th November


Now it is time to finish our story with the resolution and ending. Don't forget to use the VCOP posters to help and see if you can remember any of your spaghetti spellings. Look at Emmeline's plan if you need reminding of what happened. 

Here are some questions to help you end your story:



What was the noise above the house? (Dad's plane)

What did the dad do to the lion statue? (Explosion)

What happened to Lady De Vass? (She returned to normal)

What did Lenny's dad say to Lenny?

How did the dad find out that the statue needed to be destroyed?



Where did they go?

What happened to the war?

How did they get back to London?

What did they learn from their adventure? (War is bad!)

What did they do after the war had finished?

What was Lenny's new favourite animal? (Unicorn)


Sorry adults, that is a lot of information. If a comic strip ending is easier/more manageable, try that instead. 


Thursday 25th November

From what I saw yesterday you have all made a fantastic start to your story! Jahzarah built up the tension to say that a storm was coming Ahhhhh and in Cecily's story all sorts of strange and scary things started happening...scratch scratch scratch!


Today's task is to write the problem paragraph in your story. Here are some things you could write about:

  1. What happened to Lady De Vass? (Lion!)
  2. What did she do to all the evacuees? 
  3. What did she do with the key?
  4. How did Lenny and his mum feel?
  5. What did Lady De Vass say? 
  6. What did Lenny think was going to happen?
  7. What did the evacuees notice happen to all the paintings of lions in the house? (Eyes lit up red!)
  8. Maybe explain what noises could be heard that link to the resolution ... a plane roaring overhead perhaps...

Remember to use the VCOP posters below to help you make your writing even more incredible!

See Emmeline's plan below to remind you of the story so far:

Wednesday 25th November


On Monday we started to plan our own story to explain what happened after Lenny's mum came to the De Vass house.

Your task today is to write the first 2 paragraphs of your story. Use the VCOP posters below to help you write your opening and build up.

Opening - Lenny's mum came to visit him. How did they feel? They walked to the De Vass house. What did it look like?

Build up - Lady De Vass said that they could stay for a night. They were taken to a room. How did they feel? What did they hear as they went to bed?

I have used Emmeline's plan to show you what it looked like below.


Phonics Zone

Thursday 26th November

See if you can write 5 sentences that have -au- in them. 

For example:

The astronaut decided she wanted to become an author and write about dinosaurs.

Year 2 spelling words to include in your writing:

Geography - 26th November

LI: To investigate places


Now that we know evacuees were sent to the countryside during World War 2, your task today is to see if you can explain the differences between cities and the countryside.

  1. List the positive things about the city and countryside using the list below.
  2. Use the key words in the red box to help you fill in the gaps about the negative sides of the city and countryside.
  3. Challenge - Explain whether you would want to move to the countryside or not - and tell me why if you can. 
  4. Answers will magically pop up at 2pm today if you want to check your work...

Reading at home!

Below is a leaflet to support your reading at home. Please get in touch if you need support with accessing books, (as we cannot send home books at the moment).

Reading websites for you information:





POWer Projects

As one of the safety measures for COVID-19, presentations and exhibitions of POWer Projects are no longer happening in schools. However, you are welcome to do the projects in order to enhance the learning of your child this half term. Pictures/videos of completed projects can be emailed to us  rowan@jennyhammond.waltham.sch.uk and will be shown in class.


Updated Class Timetable.